Streamlined single use instruments for simplified hip, knee*, shoulder* and trauma* orthopedic surgery to improve the logistical and economic efficiency of public and private hospitals through an innovative and responsible approach.

Founded by three partners with complementary backgrounds, OSTIUM Group ® S.A.S. is a Medtech start-up that aims to develop and market a range of innovative single-use surgical instruments called Cillar®. This range of instruments will initially be dedicated to Total Hip Replacement (THR), an approach based on the current economic model of the Social Security reimbursement rate. Cillar® instrumentation can be associated with different types of implants and will be fully recycled after its use.

With this innovative concept, we want to help improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens while minimizing the environmental impact of health procedures.

Our founders

President Edgard Soquenne

  • MBA HEC with 35 years of experience in orthopeadics
  • From sales to Division Director at major Medtech companies: S&N, 3M Health, Medtech: S&N 3M Health, Medtronic, J&J
  • Founder of seven SMEs and originator of the OSTIUM project

General manager Vincent Retailleau

  • PSB Paris with 20 years of experience in corporate finance
  • Passionate about the medical sector and trained in large industrial groups mainly in Medtech: Plastic Omnium, Cardinal Health, J&J
  • Numerous experiences in France and abroad, under family shareholdings or LBOs

The Company

OSTIUM Group® S.A.S., created in May 2017, is supported by ATLANPOLE, technopole and regional incubator, as well as by many public and private innovation promoters. It was created by its founders after a year and a half of consultations and maturation. Established since its creation in the heart of the Nantes metropolis, OSTIUM Group® S.A.S. promotes and relies on the strength and know-how of numerous academic and industrial partners in France and in Europe. Currently with 8 employees in the areas of R&D and Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, we support leading orthopedic companies in their single-use surgical instrumentation innovation projects.

A word from the President

After many years of development, this project is now mature and in the ideal “time to market”. It is supported by a multidisciplinary team that is complementary in terms of its entrepreneurial approach as well as its culture and experience in the health sector.

OSTIUM Group® S.A.S. was born out of our desire to help companies selling orthopedic implants to free themselves from the constraints of heavy and costly management of their instrumentation, and to enable health establishments to optimize their internal logistics and reinforce patient safety by offering them an attractive and virtuous solution from an economic, organizational and environmental point of view.

It is an ambitious project combining these three inseparable building blocks. These form a logical whole that naturally meets the expectations of the various market stakeholders.

We are convinced that once proven for total hip replacement, our innovative solution can be extended to many other surgeries, thus helping to refocus healthcare professionals ever closer to the patient.
Finally, our commitment is based on our desire to support the transformation of healthcare establishments towards a model that is increasingly efficient in the care and treatment of patients, and more economical in its operation and more ambitious in its approach to environmental responsibilities.

President and Co-founder of OSTIUM Group® S.A.S.

Our news


Marle’s investment

Ostium logo
Ostium logo

June 2021 – The Nantes-based start-up OSTIUM Group ® S.A.S., a specialist in innovative orthopedic instrumentation, enters into a strategic and industrial partnership with the MARLE Group.

As part of its $4.5M financing round, OSTIUM Group ® S.A.S.. formalizes the acquisition of a minority stake in MARLE Group, the European leader and No. 2 worldwide in the manufacture of orthopedics implants.

Led by its founders, Edgard SOQUENNE and Vincent RETAILLEAU, OSTIUM Group® S.A.S. designs and develops a complete range of innovative instruments dedicated, initially, to total hip replacement surgeries. This global solution, which also includes two specific software programs, drastically simplifies the internal logistics of healthcare establishments while improving the daily lives of healthcare staff and patient safety by reducing the risk of nosocomial infections. With the support of an agile supply chain that complies with the various current regulations, OSTIUM Group ® S.A.S. is committed to recycling 100% of its instruments, thus combining single surgical use and responsibility.

OSTIUM Group ® S.A.S. instrument kits also represent a particularly attractive solution for companies marketing implants by considerably reducing the processing costs of their instruments and the associated investments.

This partnership represents a major opportunity for OSTIUM Group® S.A.S. to secure its industrial platform and should give it privileged access to the main players in orthopedics in all international markets, particularly in Europe and the United States.

The MARLE Group, which currently employs 700 people on 6 industrial sites in France and Switzerland, markets its products to a wide range of customers on all continents. Through this investment, MARLE Group confirms its strong will to innovate in order to offer complete services covering all its ranges of orthopedic implants.


AAOS 2021 San Diego

OSTIUM Group® S.A.S. will be present at the AAOS in San Diego for a preview of its global CILLAR® concept. Look for us, we will be invited to the booth of the world’s leading hip implant manufacturer…

AAOS annual meeting 2021


2020 : COVID year

The OSTIUM Group® S.A.S. did not stop in 2020, quite the opposite. The company was able to develop and produce the first CILLAR® parts by forming strong partnerships with PURELAB PLASTICS, a subsidiary of GILSON, ASMolding and TOP CLEAN PACKAGING (see partners)

2021: Fundraising for marketing CILLAR® at the end of 2022

Thanks to the capital investment of a major player in the orthopedic world and a banking pool around BPI France, OSTIUM Group® S.A.S. will be able to continue the final phases of development and usability testing and ensure its CE marking and FDA approval after having achieved ISO 13485 compliance. Commercialization is still planned for the second half of 2022.


Out of 388 projects (242 Companies) and 12 countries, 29 finalists projects with easy access to the various AMI partnerships (11 Large Companies / 3 Research Centres / 15 SME Start-ups), OSTIUM Group® S.A.S. came 21st and was included in the AMI White Paper under the then-named IST Group.

Download AMI white book : Click here

AMI laureate presentation : Click here

Our partners



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