“A Hip in the Box concept”

CILLAR ® Acetabular Kit

This acetabular cup kit has been designed for first-line hip surgery. Entirely single-use, it enables surgeons to fit a cup without changing their technique, using simplified, modular tools. OSTIUM instrumentation is eco-designed to facilitate recycling. For example, the burr holder is made entirely of composite material, including the burr retaining spring, which is also single-use: the assurance of having , new and efficient instruments for every surgery.

CILLAR ® Femoral Kit

Based on the same concept as CILLAR® acetabular cup, CILLAR® stem also simplifies the life of instrument makers by simplifying the management of surgical accompaniment and simplifying post-operative management. The weight of each box (less than 2 kilograms) prevents fatigue and reduces RSI. As with CILLAR® acetabular cup, CILLAR® stems are fully adaptable and modular to the needs of the manufacturer (implant + Cillar® kit), and OSTIUM’s aim is to support them in this process.


The primary concept of CILLAR® is based on first-line total hip replacement, which accounts for 80% of all indications. This concept is based on a posterior approach surgery. Our R&D team is also proposing specific instruments for anterior approach surgery (AA available early 2024), as well as for dual mobility acetabular cups (DM available mid 2024).

CILLAR ® Knee Kit

Available in 2027

CILLAR ® Shoulder Kit

Available in 2028

Custom Department

OSTIUM Group’s missions focus on design and adaptation for companies marketing their implants through customized kits. OSTIUM Group is also a laboratory of innovative ideas around eco-design for specific single-use instrument projects in the various compartments of standard or robotized orthopedic surgery. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more creative ideas!